Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Look Inside: Is Carmen a Virgin?

“I am a woman of the town..and for the town.”- Carmen Quinonez

She’s naturally blonde, she’s pure, chaste, and men can’t resist asking for her hand in marriage. It’s only natural that the haters come around. In early 2010, a few tabloids papers, along the lines of OK! and Mundo Hispanico, began alledging that Carmen was not a virgin. Since her debut on the Atlanta scene, Carmen has always maintained that she is a virgin and insists on her purity and chasity. “I’m a virgin,” Carmen says in reponse to the rumors. “There is nothing more. I know only a few truths in this life: that my name is Carmen, that I cut hair, and that I am a virgin!”

According to Mundo Hispanico, the unpopular transsexual Jessika Aguiere told the publication that Carmen was indeed “not a virgin” and in fact, was a “whore, a prostitute and a tramp.” Reporter Niece Sanchez says that Jesika called her in the middle of the night, sounding as if “she had just drank 40 beers” and yelling at the top of her lungs that she knew a secret about Carmen that would destroy her reputation forever.

“I remember Jesika [wasn’t too] nice about it all. She claimed Carmen had lost her virginity long ago, and was sleeping with mayates left and right and even that Carmen was using her business to meet men!” says Sanchez. Jesika also claimed to own several photos which allegedly included Carmen performing oral sex on eight African American males. The photos were later proven to have been doctored, and the woman in question was proven to be Jesika herself.

When she heard the news, Carmen was taken aback. “I couldn’t believe that Jesika had said those things to me. But there it was, on the front page of Mundo Hispanico and OK! magazine. It said that I wasn’t a virgin. That I slept around. My name is very important to me, and those lies hurt me a lot. Deep. Very deep.”

On why Jesika would create such stories in her head, Carmen only had one explanation. “Well, I think Jesika is jealous. I’m blonde, naturally. I’m a virgin, and all the men want me. They want to marry me. It’s so true. I remember there was this boy, all of the age of 20, just won Mr. Mexico, and he met me. My gosh, he wanted to marry me so fast. He said just smelling me made him want my hand in marriage.”

Carmen never married Mr. Mexico, aka Oscar De La Hoya, but Carmen did go on to break many hearts. There was the time with Mr. Cary Grant (“He was a love sick puppy. I had to tell him no, because of my chasity”), the members of Reik (“After they couldn’t have me, they all turned gay!”) and Enrique Iglesias (“’Bailamos’ was written about me. He just loved me. After I turned him down, he settled for that tennis player. He actually met me on a tennis court. In 1998, I was a model for this tennis tournament. He saw me, and it was instant love.” ) But to this day, Carmen remains her own woman.

Carmen recalls times before when Jesika has shown her dark side. “She obsessed with this show about female assassins. She always talked about killing men after mating with them, like a praying mantis! One time one of her lovers did die, but it turned out they overdosed. But Jesika always wanted to kill a man she had sex with, and boy, did she sleep with a lot! She’d sleep with anything and then claimed they just kissed. They would be having sex in the next room and I’d be reading my Bible. It started earlier in the night, I would be sipping my water and she would be downing a box of wine, then claiming I was too loud or too ghetto for her in public. It was sad. But I believe in forgiveness, so that's what I did.”

While Jesika attempts to be a woman of Atlanta, Carmen’s popularity overshadows Jesika right away. According to a poll, Carmen outranks Jesika 100 to .05 in Atlanta as favorite female. “She isn’t even a woman,” Carmen says on Jesika. “She’s a transsexual. I was born a woman. I have my vagina, my cherry, my breasts. Jesika just has padding and high heels. But it is ME who is woman.”

Carmen Quinonez was born in Mexico on June 17, 1971. She made her way to the Atlanta scene (legally) in the mid-2000’s she landed herself a job as a hairdresser for the elite in the center of Atlanta. “Those were the good times. I was young, around 29, and the big city of the US seemed so new and fresh. I wanted to spread the word of my hair salon and such, so I went to bars and clubs. People thought it was so I could pick up men, or drink alcohol, but no. I always drank water and ONLY talked about my hair salon. That’s it.”

While Jesika’s claims have made headlines, several around Carmen have come to her rescue publicly. Her aunt Cholita Hernandez speaks of Carmen as a young child. “Ever since she was born, with her long, blonde hair, all the men wanted to be with her. All of them. But she never even kissed boys. We thought she was a lesbiana until we found out she was just pure. Such a good child. And her hair was gorgeous!” Hernandez says.

Many patrons of Carmen's hair salon have spoken out on her behalf. “There is something about Carmen,” says Jorge Ines. “She’s so pure that there is no way in hell that I would believe she isn’t a virgin.” Other patrons of both Carmen’s hair salon, including Santos Lopez and Sheila Ophila both agree that Carmen is pure as the sun. “Why, she’s never even seen a penis! Never even looked at her own vagina! She’s shy. Pure. And very, very chaste,” says Lopez.

Carmen enjoys the bar scene, especially La Dona and Bj’s, but patrons of these discothèques also support that Carmen’s intentions and behavior is as pure as a Christian soul. “I’ve tried to ask Carmen to marry me, or for a kiss, but she won’t!” says Oliver Guitierrez, a dancer at the BJ’s establishment. “I swear I have seen thousands of men going to Carmen, and even a few women, wanting to touch her, or her number, or something even to make love to her, but Carmen only hands out her business card and reads from her Bible,” adds Nancy Ortega, a waitress at La Dona.

“They really should bottle Carmen’s bodily fluids and call it ‘Carmen’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ because that’s what she is,” says Paulina Rubio, a self-proclaimed fan of Carmen. “Her virginity is something to look up to. It really is. As famous and rich as I am, I’d give anything for Carmen’s purity. That and her hair! Haha!”

Last month the popular hair dresser took a public DNA test from her vaginal walls to prove she has never been had. Before she went in front of the world on camera, Carmen clipped her hair with a tortoise clip, and said “I’m ready.” She made her way to the podium and allowed the doctors to take their samples. The results: negative. Proof that Carmen has never had a penis even close to her vagina. “I have never seen such virginity. Not even in young children. Carmen is as pure as it gets. And the DNA results were conclusive that Carmen’s vagina was as virginal as the day she was born, “says Dr. Oz.

After all has been said and done, Carmen’s virginity remains intact. Vicious lies from jealous spectators have not changed the minds of American voters, who gave Carmen the award for the Most Beautiful Virgin Alive at the Virgin Awards 2010. Gossip comes and gossip goes, but Carmen’s purity is forever. At the closing ceremony at the Virgin Awards 2010, Carmen had this to say. “I’ve been through a lot lately, with all the rumors of my virginity. My fans know, my friends know that I am a virgin. “And with a playful move, she flashed her perky breasts from under her yellow cashmere sweater, showing the world what it will never touch. “Soy virgin” Carmen laughed. With that innocent look on her face, you just know that Carmen’s virginity will live forever.

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