Saturday, May 1, 2010

Christian Chavez Bares His Soul: Exclusive interview with one of the most successful Spanish pop singer ever

As part of RBD, he sold 20 million albums worldwide in a span of a few years. The group churned out hit after hit and they managed to cross over to the English market. He was all over television screens as a cast member of the hit telenovela Rebelde. His career was on fire, and in the middle of it all, he crossed the border of the unknown and came out of the closet .That was not only brave of him, but rare for male pop stars. For those who do come out, it's usually long after their peak and more about publicity than a political statement. Not for Chavez, though, who became one of the first pop stars to marry someone of the same sex. All seriousness aside, Chavez makes music for the world to enjoy, and his debut LP, Almas Transparentes is Spanish pop at its best. Finally on his own, he's ready to let the world see the real Christian Chavez.

Eric Chavez: You’re new song, “En Donde Estas,” is incredible, congratulations.

Christian Chavez: Yeah I’m really excited. I think it was a year recording this album and recording songs that sometimes [are] not on the album in the end, but you have the opportunity to work with other artists. It’s great to do that.

EC: What do you plan to do with the unreleased songs?

CC: Well, you know, they’re preparing a special edition. I guess some songs will be there and some they might put up on iTunes. We have to do like 10 songs and we had like 350 songs so it was a hard decision to take the ten.

EC: How many songs did you participate in writing and producing?

CC: I participated in three songs with Samo [from Camila]. I think the most important thing is I was trying to make autobiographical album. It totally speaks about what’s on my mind. But it’s not just for me or a certain amount of people. It’s worldwide; I think everybody could feel connected to the music.

EC: Camila is great. Their last album was amazing. But what are some artists or albums that inspire you?

CC: Well, I have a lot of..I love Queen, I love Mika, I love Blondie, ABBA, I love The Beatles, George Michael, and I think you could hear those influences on the album and it’s great. It’s great for me to have those kinds of influences and to print them on the album. I think it’s wonderful.

EC: Now you were part of RBD for so many years, what was it like to go solo?

CC: Honestly, it’s kind of scary! You know it’s part of life. You know when you grow up and you have a great season, and you spend moments that you thought you would never have the opportunity [to do]. But now it’s about growing up and going to the next level. I don’t want people to forget I was part of RBD because obviously that’s a magical and wonderful part [of my life].I want the people to listen to my music. I don’t wanna erase what they were for me. [But I do] want to add this new part of me.

EC: In terms of creative freedom, does it feel better to have more as a solo artist?

CC: Totally. When you’re doing a solo career you can have the opportunity to understand to have a career because when you’re in a group, you don’t know a lot. When you become a solo artist you begin to understand that you have to struggle with somethings. It’s a new experience that I’m enjoying a lot.

EC: Looking back at RBD, is there a particular song you are proud of?

CC: “Tu Amor” and “I Wanna Be the Rain”, those songs are very special for me because they were written by Diane Warren for our first English album. It was really special for me because they decided to put me as a lead singer.

EC: In terms of your own album, what would be your choice for the next single?

CC: That’s hard. Right now there are previews online and now we’re waiting for the people to hear them and tell us what they want for the next single, I think it’s time to hear the people.

EC: It’s a good thing “En Donde Estas” is such a strong first single. It’s very hard to make the transition from group to solo.

CC: For me it was important to come out with a song to reflect what I have done. Giving more attention to my voice and technique and trying to do different stuff. The album is done with love.

EC: How did you come up with the title for the album Almas Transparentes?

CC: It’s one of the songs that I love. I’m really pleased because at the end I put “Almas Transparentes”, it’s the way of life I like to live. I think that everybody could be almas transparentes. Just take off the mask and try to be you.

EC: You’ve gotten a lot of support over the year for coming out, especially from Ricky Martin, what was you’re response to that?

CC: Obviously I totally admire Ricky Martin and I think he’s always fighting and helping people. That’s really special. What can I say? It’s wonderful.

EC: Definitely. Let me just say, I think you are a groundbreaker for coming out of the closet as a public figure.

CC: In the fight, sometimes we’re gonna be struggling, but I’m gonna be fighting but not only for me but also for a social cause. We have to start breaking those fears and live as they are.

EC: Do you feel that you’re so public in the media, that sometimes the media is inappropriate with question?

CC: The thing is that sometimes make me go sad or mad. The stories about “Oh Christian Chavez now is a cougar, trying to pick up all the boys.” That’s really sad. One I accept my sexual life and now I’m part of the field of scandalous and they make these stories about me going out with other people, and I think that’s not the main important thing about my life and what I want to do with my music.

EC: With all the press you’ve done, was there a question you’ve never been asked that you’ve always wanted to talk about?

CC: Well, I think they never asked me about what I feel when I hear my single on the radio. And that’s something really great because every time I hear the song “En Donde Estas” on the radio I start screaming. I get really, really, really excited. It’s like a dream come true!

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