Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Falcon Lords – Straight From the Center of Their Volcano Lair

The Falcon Lords are here to save music! Lady Falcon Flame, Lord Falconhorn and Lord Falcon Falconrod have let their powers combine to take music to another world. It’s safe to assume those powers are funk, creativity, and the unending dedication to make an entire comic book-themed album, and make it a strong one.

You hear comic book album, and you think, “What would an album sound like if the 1960’s Batman made it?” and you kind of got it. Campy, but never silly, the songs’ topics range from love to a metallic vagina and everywhere in between. Adding to the comic book flavor, the entire album book looks just like a comic book, with the lyrics in the word bubbles; now that’s what I call a concept album.

Surprise, they are falcons! “Falcon Surprise” gets things going in a fun, funky way. Let’s just assume this is the first song about three heroes whose lair has a dancefloor. That’s both classy and convenient. From the beginning, our three heroes shoot into the sky and never stop until the disc is done.
“The Mayor of Falcon City” steals a bit of the Bond sound. A song about a corrupt mayor, a man the trio call a “goddamn diamond thief” who will NOT steal their bling! “Metallic Vagina” tells the touching story of meeting a beautiful woman who changes from human to a chopper, and back to human, all the while having a special chrome dome.

These guys must want their very own show, because they’ve already written a theme song. Hearing “The Falcon Lords Theme,” you can’t help but to think of the opening credits, filled with bright tights and dark nights . “Falcon City” shows the love-hate relationship the heroes have with their mother city, dirty, yet something they could never leave. These heroes are pretty dedicated to their city, even though at times it bites them in the ass.

There’s never a dull moment in The Falcon Lords’ debut effort Straight From the Center of Their Volcano Lair. Packed with colorful beats, clever lyrics, and three musical heroes who appear to have superhuman humor. This is perhaps the most random album ever, but nevertheless, is still one hell of an adventure.

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