Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fanny Lu Puts Two and Two Together to Make Dos

Showing men how it’s done right, Fanny Lu has taken over the Latin world of music with her talent, intelligence, and sex appeal. While she may be beautiful and blonde, the singer/songwriter is no Columbian Britney Spears. Fanny Lu takes part in the creation of her hits and she comes up with quite a recipe for success.

Combining traditional Columbian sounds of vallenato with the contemporary sounds of electronica successfully isn’t an easy thing to do, but Fanny Lu has done just that her sophomore effort’s first single “Tu No Eres Para Mi” (“You Are Not For Me”). The album, Dos, came out just a few years after her debut success, Lagrimas Calidas. Nixing the sophomore slump, Dos’s first two singles “Tu No Eres Para M” and “Celos” (“Jealousy”) are already hits in the United States and Columbia.

For its first single, Fanny Lu chose, “Tu No Eres Para Mi.” “It’s a very fun song, you look back and you wish you could have dedicated it. It’s about those relationships when you are with someone that is not for you, it has happened to be in the past a few times,” Fanny Lu admits.

In preparation for the music video, “Tu No Eres Para Mi”, Fanny Lu chose Wilmer Valderrama as her male object of affection; unfortunately he also plays the object of her voodoo powers. But when it comes to real life, Fanny Lu doesn’t see herself as a user of the voodoo. “Never!” she says. “I only believe in God, I don’t think your future can altered by anyone. It was showing what woman may want to do, when someone makes you cry, especially your lover, it’s to represent when you imagine when you’re crying to someone who tries to play with you,” Fanny says.

Dos may seem like a very simple title, and perhaps very obvious for a singer’s sophomore album, but for Fanny Lu, “dos” means much more than the number. “It’s called Dos because it is the second album, but also because the album is about the two sides of things, the happiness and sadness, a woman that is sensitive and strong, cries and cleans up the tears and walks again with strength, the two sides of women and men, very different,” Fanny Lu explains.

Her sophomore effort varies greatly from her debut; Dos and Fanny Lu made sure that it did. “One of my ideas was to go as far as I could, to look for new stuff to really explore and look for new things, I wanted to involve in the fusion, we experimented, it’s like cooking, whenever you write the song, you decide which elements to use and which ones to use, we enjoyed it a lot, a lot of new sounds a lot of new ways of doing our fusion, this album has a lot of surprises, even for us!” says Fanny.

When it comes to the most exceptional song on the album, Fanny Lu has trouble choosing just one. “Like children, you can never say you like one more than the other, I like something very much about each song on the album,” says Fanny Lu. If there were one song that stuck out for the singer, Fanny Lu can pick one. “I got to write this song for my dad, “Un Minuto Mas,” (“One More Minute”) and how that one minute could mean eternity, you can use that minute to think about all the things you didn’t think and do things you never got do when they were alive. It’s a sad story in my life and I always wanted to write this song, and I had the beautiful opportunity to do it with Noel Schajris from the group Sin Bandera, and it’s included in the album, and it’s one of the most special songs I’ve written and produced. It was great experience and I love that song, it’s not the song I love the most, but it’s very special to me,” according to Fanny Lu.

A prolific songwriter, Fanny Lu admits there are many songs that were written and recorded, but remain unreleased. “Many songs I wrote are not on this album, we wrote a lot and worked a lot, and we had a lot of songs, I have a great team, we decide which songs we want to include and not to include. We did all the demos and I have them there are my computers, it’s a possibility it’s going to happen with all the albums, Lu says.

While her self-written songs stand out on their own, her beautiful looks and voice have been compared to another Columbian phenomenon; Shakira. When it comes to the comparisons that were made during her debut promo, “I heard it a lot, but I don’t hear it anymore, but it’s an honor, I really admire her, so it’s really great to be compared with such a great artist,” Fanny Lu admits.

Shakira is one inspiration for Fanny Lu, but the singer/songwriter cites many artists from today and yesterday, as the ones responsible for her love of music and eclectic sound. “Elton John, Sting, Bon Jovi, Juanes, Juan Gabiel, Madonna, who’s 50 years old and is still young as she was when she was 20,” says Fanny Lu. Looking back at her early days of listening to others music, Fanny Lu says, “I learned their songs, and I sang them, memorized them, it wasn’t just one artist it was a lot of artists, I grew up with a lot of artists. I believe growing up with so many artists makes you want to use the different elements in your music.” With a hit album behind her and a possible bigger seller in front of her, Fanny Lu only looks at today.

Despite all the success she has enjoyed, Fanny Lu understands what is really important in life, always listing her happiness before her high sales when speaking of her success. It seems as if her happiness leads her direction in terms of music. Listening to Dos, one can expect only rich music full of flavor and heart from the singer/songwriter who gives her fans a taste of the best of both worlds.

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