Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dannii's Discovered Delights

There are many things in this world that have yet to be uncovered. There are the treasures of the pirates lost at sea, there is the lost city of Atlantis, there are the rarely heard Rain Tapes by Madonna, and of course, the tracks from Dannii Minogue’s aborted third album. Now that one of those has finally seen the light of day, perhaps it’s time to stop looking for the rest.

The 1995 Sessions isn’t quite an LP, more of a compilation of unreleased material from Dannii Minogue’s, you guessed it, sessions in 1995. What was planned to be her third album ended up in the vaults. But with a sigh of relief heard around the world, the vault has been opened.

Not quite as successful as her sister Kylie in the UK and Austrialia, Dannii’s still maintained a successful musical career with her 1991 debut smash Love and Kisses, the 1993 chef d'oeuvre Get Into You and the 1997 underground classic Girl. Though, she has had only one album make a mark on the U.S. side, the 2003 epic Neon Nights. Neon Nights darted to the top twenty of Billboards Top Electronic Albums chart. It’s no wonder Dannii is called the “Queen of Clubs!"

While The 1995 Sessions is not an album of new material, it is what it is, and what it is cannot be described easily. Dannii not only moves your hips, but provokes thoughts. You don’t just hear her, you feel her.

In terms of the songs, DanceDannii jumps to the beat on songs “Skin Deep,” “Love and Affection,” and “Take My Time Loving You.” All three could easily top both the pop and dance charts even today. Packed with relentless hooks and marvelous dance grooves, the tracks prove why The 1995 Sessions finally came out: it was because the producers could not deny the dancefloor anymore.

LoveDannii is unleashed on “Free Your Love,” “Let Love Into Your Love” and “Crazy For Your Love.” These tracks are pure dance/pop, but show Dannii’s diversity as a songwriter and as an artist. For Dannii has, and always will be about the most mysterious element of life: love.

SexxyDannii comes out on the tracks “Love Will Find A Way,” a track that takes some musical advice from Janet’s “That’s the Way Love Goes,” but Dannii takes the sound a step further to the erotic unkown. She goes on to hit the spot with the lounge track “Love in Me.” And “Don’t Wanna Leave You Now” is an emotional tapestry that flows to the sensual beat. It’s the type of track that will become the soundtrack for your candle-lit late-night lovin’. Dannii isn’t just the queen of clubs, but the queen of the boudoir.

We also get a peak at RoughDraftDannii by getting the special treat of seeing two Dannii staples in their early stages. Similar to reading the original version of Gone with the Wind, you are experiencing history by listening to the 1995 versions of “Everlasting Night” and Coconut.” Both songs were eventually re-done and released to varying success.

As of now, The 1995 Sessions can only be bought by import or online, but when it comes to rarities, there is no cost too high too much work that can be done in order to own such magic. If men are willing to burrow to the middle of the earth or the bottom of the sea for their treasures, buying this gem through import is nothing.

In the end, it’s no surprise that this music, which is over a decade old, sounds just as fresh and relevant today as it did as when it was recorded. That’s the magic of Dannii, or perhaps it shows that music hasn’t evolved much in the past 20 years. Either way.

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