Saturday, May 1, 2010

Q&A with Kim Zolciak and Tracy Young

Guilty pleasure of the year, “Tardy for the Party” is heading back to the VIP. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is combining forces with famed remixer Tracy Young to add some dancefloor flavor to her hit single. Young breathes her usual electronic bliss to the sound, making it even more club-friendly. In celebration of the newly released remixes, the two will make their way to Atlanta’s Gold Room on Friday, February 26th to perform.

Eric Chavez: Why did you decide to record TARDY FOR THE PARTY?

KIM: My daughter Brielle and her vocal coach Ed Davidson came up with the concept of Tardy for the Party and I thought it was catchy. Still, it was more of an emotional decision. Brielle has written several songs and I, of course, am my daughter’s biggest fan so I wanted to support her. I gave the song to Kandi and she went in and rewrote the song and made it a hit.

E.C.: How did you and Tracy come together for TARDY FOR THE PARTY?

KIM: Back when the song first came out, a mutual friend had suggested I do a remix for Tardy For The Party. He connected Tracy and me via Twitter and after many messages, we finally met in LA and discussed the song. I liked her ideas and thought it was a good fit. It was such an honor to meet her and even more of an honor that she wanted to remix the song.

E.C.: Will you be collaborating with Tracy on any other music projects?

KIM: Funny you should ask! My next single is coming soon and Tracy produced it! I am so excited to be coming out with more music and even more excited that Tracy is helping me. My new single is upbeat, fun and will also be a dance track. Get ready, boys!

E.C.: Tracy, you have worked with Madonna, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians. How did you select Kim as your new remix project?

TRACY: The song was sent to me in August by a friend of Kim’s and I immediately thought it was a hit! I knew it needed to be reworked for the dancefloor, simply based on the lyrics and I thought it would be a huge club smash. Based on the response simply from the show & without a lot of radio support it has proven to be a hit. It was only a matter of time that the remix come out. It’s much more enjoyable to work with somebody you connect with personally as well as musically. Kim and I connected instantly so it was a no brainer for me.

E.C.: We know why gay men love you Tracy...but why do gay men love Kim Zolciak?

TRACY: Kim has a magnetic personality and loves all her fans. Plus she dresses to KILL. That’s why Gay men love her! She is very down to earth and very real. People connect with that. Why do gay men love me?

E.C.: Why will TARDY FOR THE PARTY become the hot song of the dance floor this winter?

TRACY: Everybody knows the will be the song of the Spring and Summer!

E.C.: Will you be collaborating with Kim on any other music projects?

TRACY: I have always wanted to expand my horizons to original production and thankfully Kim has allowed me to do a track for her. It’s a mid tempo pop track in it’s original form but I will do a remix for it for the clubs. It’s just as catchy at TARDY FOR THE PARTY! The rest you have to wait for.

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