Monday, July 5, 2010

Piano House

Adair Park Recordings artists This Piano Plays Itself are back for another jam session with their album As the House… An album with many sides, at times the sound is pure indie-rock, other times it aims more towards the pop sound. Creative Loafing describes their sound as “wide-scoped rock,” whatever that means. Interestingly enough, a band that calls themselves This Piano Plays Itself doesn’t actually feature a piano as the main attraction of the record!

A much more electric guitar-driven record, As the House…, like many rock albums, has been built with many elements from The Beatles later psychedelic LPs. In just about every of the eight songs, there’s a little bit of Revolver. This is a good thing though, because even the weaker tracks are based on the best. Not to say This Piano Plays Itself are on Beatle Piano-player mode, these guys have a sound and feel of their own.

A semi-concept album, with titles such as “Who We Were,” “When We Got There” and “Why We Stayed,” the LP seems to want to detail a lot about this musical story. Vocally, musically and lyrically, the band seems very focused, but still there lies an element of fluidity in the compositions that set this record aside from other indie releases.

“Who We Were,” the most refreshing and commercial track on the album, is pumped with energy and atmosphere. The moody track has a breath of pop, but isn’t tied down to any of the genres, allowing it to show all the sides of the band. A bit dark, a bit dreamy, and it’s definitely a bit possible this song will break the group through to mainstream success.

The band gets their most whimsical on “How We Left,” a mix of rock, folk, and, of course, an accordion. Quite the charming song, even if sonically it has nothing to do with the rest of the album. No matter, what these guys are about is fun. And fun it is!

Other tracks like “Where We Lived” and “What Happened” range from sullen rock to explosive experimental. The record doesn’t expand much from there, but with only eight songs on the LP, that’s no insult.

The group has already garnered attention for their live shows, making Creative Loafing’s pick for best live shows of the week, and with their sophomore album already creative a buzz online and off. No doubt that the boys of This Piano Plays Itself are set to play themselves right into success.

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