Saturday, May 1, 2010

Los Plebes De San Luis Return

Los Plebes De San Luis have begun work on their eight album. The Nortena group has stated that a disc of all-new material is slated for a February 2008 release. This will be their first album since the hit-disc “Pueblo Querido” (A.C.E. Records), which was released in 2007.Members Jose Epinoza, Juan Torres, Jesus Torres, and Polo Cervantes achieved four top ten singles on the Regional Mexican Radio Charts in various cities, ranging from Dallas to Atlanta with their previous effort “Pueblo Querido”.

Los Plebes De San Luis’ sound is pure Nortena, a Mexican-based music genre characterized by its use of accordions, tuba, and Latin percussion. Jose Espinoza , drummer and songwriter for the band, says that their new album will continue in the same “vein as their previous releases, but now our label is letting us do some different material. We tried out our first ballad on the road, and it went so well we’re going to record it for the next album. Thing is, we write about 18 to 22 songs for each record, and the record company cuts that down to around 12 track per CD, so who knows when it will see the light of day.”The yet-untitled album will be supported by a tour, which will begin in December. “Right now we’re not planning on touring Atlanta, but we have before and we definitely want to come back as soon as possible,” says Espinoza.

This will be the final album and tour with member Apolinar ‘Polo’ Cervantes, who is “quitting to be with my family. This life has been good, but I need to focus my priorities on them now.”“I’m sure that they will top themselves. I mean they have released some really good music, but you know, their sound may change a little, you can never tell what will happen when an essential member of a band leaves” says fan Eduardo Mejia. Previous hits, including “ Sangre de Un Mexicano” have shown Los Plebes De San Luis to be in touch with their roots. Something that means a lot to their fans.“Their sound is really good. As a Mexican-American nortena band in the United States , they sing to their audience, the Latinos living in this country, about topics that they care about,” says fan Diana Alvarado.

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