Sunday, September 23, 2012

With Newly Leaked Single, Xtina Turns Into SEXtina!

It's time to bow down to the queen! Xtina is back with the years anthem of sin. Not since “Not Myself Tonight” has Christina Aguilera made such a thought-provoking record. Whether it was leaked accidentally by a hacker or purposely by Xtina herself, the demo of “Your Body” has always caused a worldwide sensation! In a song produced by Max Martin (perhaps the only good thing he's ever done)- Xtina invites the listener inside her private thoughts and fantasies. In the song in which she demands “don't even tell me your name, all I need to know is who's place,”“Your Body” does one thing so many songs have attempted, but failed: tackle the taboo subject of anonymous sex! In the same vein as sexual songs from her past such as “Dirrty” and “Sex for Breakfast,” Xtina takes on the risky task successfully with subtle, yet sexually-tingled lyrics “tonight all I wanna do is f*%k your body,(vocal run) tonight's your lucky night I know you want it (vocal run)” and goes on with the slyly feminist words “if you don't know where to go, I'll finish off on my own” proving Aguilera is still an independent woman who doesn't need a man, and that their only there for her pure pulsating pleasure. Legendtina explains her sexuality best herself in her own words: “it's true what you heard, I am a freak, I'm disturbed.” On “Your Body,” her vocals beg the question: Adele who? And the futuristic edgy neo-techno/pop production makes you forget that there is..uhh..was a Lady Gaga. Lucky for the world, Aguilera has taken the j-Lo route: judging and mentoring singers much less talented, but at the same time continuing a recording career to capitalize on the massive success of their shows. Why Paula Abdul didn't do the same thing, the world will never know! While her past few projects were slow sellers, in truth, the avant-garde record Bionic just might be Xtina's Rubber Soul and Burlesque was her Citizen Kane. Details of the new record are still a mystery to her legion of fans and public alike, but one can safely assume that it will be full of vocal runs,club classics, beautiful ballads, and lyrics that don't only push the envelope, but lick it closed! Or perhaps Xtina will shock her fans once again! One never knows what her brilliant mind will come up with, whether wearing a simple fire engine red lipstick to visually stimulate her viewers, or simulating sex on stage- Legendtina's artistic integrity knows no bounds! I just know that Xtina must record this song in Spanish for the single's b-side! “Tu Cuerpo” is bound to be a Latin American smash! Not since Madonna's “Girls Gone Wild” has a track been so perfectly produced for the clubs, radio, and sexually liberal listeners alike! Only Xtina takes the genre to the next level. Perfect for bouncin' that booty on the dance floor and grindin' against your dance partner(s) all night long. Xtina has done it again! You cannot listen to “Your Body” without wanting to move (and touch!) your body...and somebody else's.