Sunday, May 29, 2011

jLo Spices Things Up

Viva La Lopez! JLo brings the heat with “Papi,” her latest single from the upcoming Love?. With her third single from the still-yet-to-be-released album (fourth if you count “Louboutins”…fifth, if you count “Fresh Out The Oven”), Lopez has topped herself with this spicy dancefloor anthem produced by RedOne.

Much more than “Alejandro,” JLo’s new song is custom made for all those papi chulos out there. While most contemporary club songs are a bit too robotic, “Papi” has that sexy rhythm that just makes you wanna get all hot n’ sweaty n’ sexy on the dancefloor.

Combining the hot new sounds of the clubs with a little sweet Latin flavor – something reminiscent of 80s-era Gloria Estefan – “Papi” leaves the competition in flames, making the track RedOne’s brightest moment.

One more thing to thank Santa Maria for: no rent-a-rappers! JLo’s finally on her own and soon to be burning up the charts and the clubs with the sweltering sound of “Papi.” Along with the hit singles “On the Floor” and “I’m Into You,” plus the leaks “Invading My Mind,” “Everybody’s Girl” and “(What is) Love?,” Love? shows every sign of being the hottest album of the year. After years of being (unjustly) more top of the flops than top of the pops, JLo is back on top and on fiyah.

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