Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forever Your Girl

One of pop’s biggest mysteries ever has to be why Paula Abdul didn’t take advantage of her American Idol success and release more music during her time on the show. Sure, there were the crazy cool singles, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” and “I’m Just Here For the Music,” but the woman had nearly a decade and no album? There was a time when Ms. Abdul gave the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson a run for their money, but after 1995′s floptastic Head Over Heels, Abdul seemed a bit knocked out and gave up on music.

Now on iTunes, Paula Abdul’s collaboration with Shine 2009, “So Free” is actually quite an interesting dance track with a bit of a retro feel – it wouldn’t have been out of place on her 90s albums. A funky house track with a touch of acid jazz, “So Free” has more rhythm than most “dance” tracks out there now. It’s refreshing to listen to something that doesn’t sound like it was produced for robots on the dancefloor. The bad thing is that it is more a Shine 2009 song than a Paula Abdul one, but when she sings, she shines.

The question still remains: will Abdul ever release another album? It’s been nearly 16 years since her last proper LP, and fans are still waiting. Abdul herself is rather cold heartedly vague when asked about a possible LP album in the future. Obviously, Paula still has it, and for now “So Free” proves that Abdul will straight up be forever your girl.

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