Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roseanne Brings Roseannearchy to Atlanta: Talks Politics, Music, and More

The 'Domestic Goddess" is back and at it again! Hot off the heels of the release of her new book "Roseannearchy: Dispatches From the Nut Farm," Roseanne is making her rounds on a nationwide book tour. Since one of her biggest fan bases is located in Atlanta, the former sitcom star made her way to Atlana's own OutWrite Bookstore and Coffe House on January 19th for a reading and a signing of her new publication.

Is the book any good? If the response from the audience as Roseanne read aloud from her her new book, the answer is an astounding: HELL YES. The New York Times Best-Selling author explores various topics from hypocrasy to marriage in the only way she knows: a sharp wit and humor.

Always a woman who has always pushed for charge, Roseanne explained at the book signing "i'm for the legalization of hemp, so that we can have some cheap fuel, housing, food, clothing for pennies." and that "as soon as they took hemp out of women's hands, this world went to shit," says Roseanne.

With nine seasons of Roseanne, it would be quite a feat for the actress to pick her favorite show of the bunch, "there's not just one..I have to think about that," Barr responded. Music was always a part of Roseanne's sitcom, and when it comes to the authors personal favorite, she replies "oldies, rhythm & blues, soul, I like rap, too." On whether her and her former co-stars will ever get back together for a television special, Roseanne reponds "yes. I do think there will be a Roseanne reunion."

In her show, Roseanne was always tackling taboo topics such as gay rights and discrimination, and Barr explains why she chose that route. "I did and I'm very proud that I did it, and I always say I did it because I have a gay brother and a lesbian sister who i always saw what happend to them growing up in Salt Lake City. Very right-wing. My brother had his nose broken nine times by the time he was nine years old. Of course they always have their other reasons, but we knew what it was. I just always knew it was so wrong, it really pissed me off, says Roseanne."

Never one to shy away from touchy topics, Roseanne also spoke about how to avoid the negative aspects of menopause. "Nobody knows! It's very hard. I think meditation helped me most to stay calm. Don't pick up that ax and kill that family, even if you really want to! Just know that your body is turning on you, and you're gonna be dead soon," Barr reponds.

One of the most controversial moments of all time wasn't when Roseanne was on-set, but off. The actress caught major flack when she sang "The Star-Stangled Banner" off-key before a baseball game in 1991. Even President George H. W. Bush called the perfomance "disgraceful". Showing her ability to laugh at herself, when asked if she would ever sing the national anthem again, Barr reponded, "I would, if I had, what, tone-harp? And start in the right key for a change"

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