Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Five Best Artists Atlanta ISN'T Playing

For such a city to be so diverse, with cultures from around the world populating Atlanta, the music being played on mainstream radio and popular night clubs is rather bland. Fortunately, there are a handful of artists out there, who, while may not be mainstream, will put some spice into your iPod.

5. Collective Efforts

The freshest group in the hip-hop/rap genre. Relying more on smooth, chill beats and politically-conscious lyrics much more than rims and hoes for their music, this Atlanta-based crew have taken rap to a higher level. While this band does have a strong cult following, their musical efforts, currently, haven't cracked any top 40 charts, yet.

Download: Tunnel Vision

4. Incognito

The U.K.-based band has given a new face to r&b by breathing soul into the genre and allowing it to take shape with funk and acid jazz. Putting talent first, not image, the band have yet to find their audience here in the States. While their hit-single "N.O.T." did get moderate play on Atlanta's smooth jazz radio station, as most know by now, that station is now de-funked.

Download: N.O.T.

3. Amr Diab

As big as Madonna in the MIddle East, Amr Diab adds some pop flavor to the irrisistable sound of the desert. With a career spanning over 25 years, Diab has had his collection of hits. He's maintained his successful career by adding some serious heat to the Middle Eastern sound. Diab can go anywhere from sexy to serious within a span of a single song, but it is his voice, which is as hot as the Sahara, that makes him a legend.

Download: Allem Alby

2. Samantha James

Her music drops slowly into your soul. With ripples of rhythm flowing towards the listener song by song, word by word, Samantha James has found her sound by mixing waves of lounge with sprinkles of electronica, making one of the most surreal, yet mesmerizing albums of the past ten years. Solely by listening to the artists latest LP, Subconscious, one cannot help but let the luscious lyrics, vivacious vocalsand mellow melodies dive deep into your subconscious. While other new female artists (cough, Katy Perry) rely too much on nursery rhyme-like lyrics and bland melodies, James dives deep into her soul.

Download: Rise

1.Los Amigos Invisibles

The kings of clubs all over the world, this band is by far the best underground group, well, ever. With a recipe of latin rhythms, disco funk, and smooth jazz, Los Amigos Invisibles have created some of the freshest, and funkiest music out there. The current state of Latin music, with its autotuned, vulgar-but-by-no-means-sexy lyrics by the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull crossing over onto the pop charts, is in dire need of a new direction and the boys of Los Amigos Invisibles are out to lead the way and make it funky!

Download: Una Disco Llena

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