Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Nine Lives of Kat DeLuna

Back in 2007, club music was nowhere to be heard on mainstream radio, but with her first hit single "Whine Up" Kat DeLuna changed that. It was THE summer-anthem of that year, making music generally made for the clubs, something that maintain radio fans were beginning to crave. Since then, the sound has exploded, and like disco and house music before it, the club-rave-techno sound Kat helped to create has taken over. Her first album, 9 Lives, spawned other hit singles "Run the Show" and "Am I Dreaming," and since then, fans have been waiting anxiously for her followup LP. Inside Out, which has seen its European release, is still awaiting the time when it is to hit the shelves in the United States. Her last single "Party O' Clock" has woken up the world and gotten it dancing, and now, just in time for summer, Kat's upcoming single "Dancing Tonight" will surely set the dancefloor on fire once again, in the US and around the world.

I've heard Inside Out, and it's a wonderful cd. A great step forward from 9 Lives. This album has been pushed back and pushed back so many times. When can fans expect for a US release?

Right now we don't have the exact date chosen. It's been pushed back because things are being changed and done to make pure it has the perfect beat. It is scheduled to come out during summertime. Very Kat DeLuna! The European version is a lot of dance tracks, upbeat, party, party, party! But when I'm here at home, besides the party, there's also the beautiful ballads. That's the difference between the European and the American version is it has a little bit more of Kat DeLuna, not only the pop/dance music artist but it has the singer, so I'm really excited about it and I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

Just curious. Is there going to be a lot of Latin influence on the US relase of Inside Out?

Kat Deluna you know has a sound, is a mixture of a lot of things. It's pop, a little bit of house, metro and Latin flavor, so no matter what I do, it always has that Latin twist to it.

You have an amazing voice and I'd love to hear you do some more opera.

In this album you guys are going to hear that. The American version has more vocals. I've done more opera, too.

You have worked with RedOne, who is getting a lot more press lately for his work with artists like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and of course yourself. What is it like in the studio with him?

Well RedOne is a very talented guy. In 2007 he was just starting as well as I was. And we worked on a very wonderful album, my first album 9 Lives. He's so worldly because he's African, speaks Spanish, speaks French, and I'm this American girl of Dominican decent, and I speak Spanish and English and I have this dancehall background. All these elements together made this sound [of my debut]. After that sound was given birth, he worked with other artists and evolved into building new things which I am so applauding him for that. On this album [Inside Out] he has worked on a couple of songs. When you guys hear "Dancing Tonight" the US version, you're gonna know that Kat's back! You know I think in life it's not about the hype of things, it's about being able to work with someone that you and that person together can comfortably create magic and just be there for the art of music.

You know, your influence and image for women is wonderful. You're sexy, but you're not putting yourself out there for men, not exploiting yourself for fame. Tell me about your image now.

I'm bringing back the essence of Kat DeLuna, the girl, that pop artist, not only that, but represent girl power, that's what I wanna be. I've always gone for that, but this time I'm definitely ready for that 100%. I just feel like a lot of artist don't like to admit it because of the pressure behind it, I know I am a role model. There are little girls looking up to me, more even in the Latino community. I'm the first Dominican pop artist to ever make it big in the international scene. Through my music I wanna give them an example of how to make it in life, no matter what. It is a very hard task to make it as Latino women in the world, I've been so blessed. For example, I just came back from Madagascar. I went to do a show there. I was scheduled to do a 30-minute set. But when I get to the stadium,which was made to hold 50,000 people, it had 30,000 more people there, so it had 80,000 people! I made a 30-minute show into a 2-hour show and I don't have a 2-hour show! It was so emotional that show, that if tomorrow, I'm not here, I think that i've done a little bit of my job here.

I know that your sound have been incredibly influencial. You were one of the first to bring the club sound to the mainstream back in 2007, but who are some of your influences?

Yes. I was the first artist to bring that sound, that very electro house, Latin world beat sound. I took a risk in 2007. I feel the person who opens the door, isn't always the one who gets the success, it's always the one who comes seconds. That's why me, I'm coming back even more evolved. Inspiration wise? I love Gloria Estefan, I think she was a big important role model for me, especially as an American Latina, she was the first to do that Latin sound with an American beat to it. I love Selena, I love Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Juan Luis Guerra, amazing talent. I love people who are able to create big things out of nothing.

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